The Front Garden Podcast

Hosted by Landscaping Victoria Members, Tyson Owen and Chris Weiss – The Front Garden is a podcast covering the latest in landscaping news, trends & stories.
Currently in it’s sixth consecutive season, the podcast has been host to some of the industry’s best landscaping minds, including our director, Simon.
Chris and Tyson spoke with Simon about pivoting from graphic design to landscaping after completing Year 12 and discussed how Simon got his start with Scott Wynd from TLC Pools. Simon also shares his experience in competitive show garden builds, along with how he’s expanded his pipeline of landscaping projects through his pool business, Striking Pools.
Further to that, Simon provides a great insight into the structure of his 2 businesses Landart Landscapes & Striking Pools, and how they are managed from the top down along with all of the cloud-based software used to run them efficiently.

Be sure to have a listen to the episode.